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What is the ROI on Life’s Activities?

What is the ROI on Life’s Activities?


I have been watching some business building videos and one of them from Tai Lopez talked about the ROI of life’s activities toward building your business. I will explain what this means; I took the ROI concept and brought it into holistic health.

Before we get started we must understand a few concepts.

Concept 1 Living Life Through our Senses.

We tend to overindulge in our senses. It is important to control our senses. For example, chocolate cake may taste so good we have one piece and when we are done our taste sense says “We want more”, our mind may say “That is not good for us”, and our body will say “I will be sick if I have another”. What happens then is our sensation of taste wins and we have another piece. Afterwards we end up not feeling well. This is true for all of our senses. By controlling our senses we can make better choices for our life.  We can use ROI on life’s activities to help control our senses.

Concept 2 Three Pillars of Life.

As a holistic practitioner I work with people to help balance their three pillars of life. There are two ways of looking at this.  One leads to the other, we balance the body, mind and spirit. Once that is balanced then it is easier to balance health, wealth and happiness. All three must be in balance.

·         Health = We must take care of our physical body and emotional body to maintain health. Our goal is to obtain our optional health, our unique balance. This is done with food and life style.

·         Wealth = Wealth is not necessary to become a millionaire are but to have the funds to maintain health and happiness.  Wealth is to be able to pay bills and have some fun money without being worried and stressed about how we are paying for things. What we do for work and the other activities we do to increase our wealth like school. Spending time on things with no value can influence our wealth.

·         Happiness = Is our overall wellbeing. When we are happy our energy expands and life starts to click for us. When we are happy the people around us are happy. So we must look at how we spend our time, the food we eat and the people we are around.

You may be asking what ROI is and how does it apply to our holistic life? Well ROI is a business term Return on Investment. In business they look at ROI on investments. If I invest $100, how much money can I make back? $1,000? More? We can apply this same concept to our holistic life.  This will help you stay present and in the moment.  For everything we do we should be evaluating the ROI on how it applies to our three pillars.  Is the activity increasing our decreasing our life’s pillars? How does this work?

An example is when selecting what should you have for dinner. If are choosing to make a boxed meal how is the ROI? This may be an inexpensive meal so it increases your wealth but it is not healthy and will decrease your health. Maybe we can select something else that will increase more of our pillars. The same is true when making a purchase, going out, work, family, friends, and deciding on what to do with your time.

In our daily life it is importing to keep our three pillars of life, health, wealth and happiness, in mind and evaluating everything on the ROI.  Is this increasing or decreeing our pillars? With this we can make a conscience decision helping to balance holistic life.