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Your Unique-- Understanding and Embracing Your Uniquenes


Have you ever wondered why a diet works for one person but not another?  You may be eating what society calls healthy but your digestion slows downs. Why do most western doctors only look at symptoms and not the true source? Why do doctors only ask about your physical aspect and not anything about your mental emotional state? If you are tired of this, there is a solution. A new but very old way of looking at health - it is Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is a system of health from India that looks at everyone as a unique person with your own unique balance. Ayurveda breaks down as Ayur = Life and Veda = science. This is the science of life that looks at the entire you. It also recognizes that you are ever evolving and changing.  Ayurveda is not a quick fix but a life style.  Ayurveda looks at how you eat, what you eat, your life style, what you do through the day and then suggest a detox/cleanse with a set of spa like treatments.  There is also an energy component to Ayurveda that helps clear mental and emotional traumas from the body, mind and spirit. Ayurveda is all about you and accepting you and understanding you.  You must first understand that your body and mind are set up in a way to be balanced. This balance is different for everyone.  An Ayurveda practitioner or educator will look at your physical appearance, feel your pulse and ask several questions about what you eat, how you eat, and what your average day is like. We will ask what is bothering you or why you came in. From there, the practitioner/educator will create a unique food and life style plan. We may also recommend herbs or supplements and will explain your unique balance. But before we begin that process you must understand the following.

First step is understanding your unique balance and break away from all of the belief systems you may have.  Media shows you what you should look like, how you should act and what you should eat.  Social media shows the hot new diet or trends that should make you feel and look better.  By understanding your unique balance then you can have a better understanding how and why that would or would not work for you. Part of understanding your unique balance is to pay attention to your body. When you slow down and pay attention to the signs this will help you maintain your balance. After you eat, how does the food make you feel? How is your digestion? Is this balancing for you or not?  Knowing your unique balance and listening to your body for the confirmation is the first step of embracing your uniqueness. Releasing the belief systems of what you should be and an Ayurveda consultation can help you find your unique balance of what you are.

The second step is loving the entire you.  You need to feel comfortable in your own body and understated what is your optional health. Understand that some people’s body type are larger or smaller than others and no matter what, you cannot fit into another body type. If you do try to fit into another body type, it will be a struggle and not long lived. You must understand how you experience your emotions and feel your emotions. It’s important to know what foods make you feel good or bad and having the will power to do what is right for you. You must also take in consideration of our karma and life’s energy. You may do all of the right things but at times you still become imbalanced. This is when you must spend extra time appreciating all that you have. You must accept and love yourself-knowing that you are perfect in your unique balance.

Finally you must understand that everything effe,-Understand-and-Embrace-Your-Uniqueness-to-Start-a-Path-to-Optimal-Health&id=9337635cts our unique balance, time of day, season, time of life, people, emotions, food and life style.  Your daily routines with the food and life styles may have to change depending on these factors. You constantly have to be aware and make changes accordingly. Living with the flow of nature, within the seasons and being able to adapt and change will also give you the ability to adapt and change in your life so you do not get stagnate and stuck.

Once you start on the path of understanding that you are unique and you break away  from the belief systems,  love your unique self and understand that you are changing -  Ayurveda can support you by creating a food and life style plan just for the unique you.,-Understand-and-Embrace-Your-Uniq...