What are we? Our physical body, our brain, our thoughts. Energy Reality theory is a download of information helping myself and others to stay present in this reality.



AyurEnergy is a holistic system of health and healing that brings joy back into your life. We use an ancient system of health call Ayurveda and combine that with the subtle energy of the chakras. Enjoy many easy-to-use tools, Recipes, and different ways to think about life to bring health, wealth, and Happiness to all parts of your life.


Have you ever imagined that your body can heal itself? Or not having to have surgery or take pharmaceutical drugs.  That is all possible  here at Imagine Holistic Health we the ancient to the latest holistic health and healing techniques.


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You have a choice. In your heath care. 4 out of 10 people use alternative or holistic health. Are your ready to get to the source of your issues to being balance to health ,wealth and happiness. We take a holistic approach looking at food , life style and mental/emotional. Using methods that were used thousands a years ago. Ready to make a life long change. There is no quick fix pill. Pete DuMell will guide and help you through the proce

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Enjoy one of our spa like treatments  that just do not feel good it also help remove mental / emotional trauma  and toxins in the body that can lead to imbalance and disease. All of our sessions are done on   Bio-Mat technology and many include Crystal Light Bed Therapy at no additional cost. We also offer the latest zyto biofeedback reading and intuitive chakra readings this really digs in and show where in the body our emotions are stored and how it is effecting our life. Book now or learn more out our sessions.   Learn More about our sessions.


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