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Value Yourself

Value Yourself


The energy you put out is what comes back to us. How we perceive ourselves can influence how other perceive us or it will produce mixed signals for them.  When I was looking for a job in the past I would get feedback from the business that I was over qualified for the jobs or the job would be a perfect fit but the pay grade would be lower than expected. After this happened a few times, I started to get frustrated.  I started to evaluate the energy around the situation and what I found was amazing.

What I found I was that I wasn’t valuing myself as I should.  It is so important to give the credit and value to yourself that you deserve.  So may of us may feel that our job is easy and an easy job has less value. Or you may be a giver always going above and beyond because that is the way you are. You are doing a good job and really do not expect anything in return.  Some of us have the trouble with money and putting a value on our skills, services or products.  We may just want to help people and give things away.  All of this puts out an energy that people can price as low value. But you are a high value this puts out mixed singles and can cause a huge disconnect.

Let’s say your real skills and knowledge are at 100 points but the actions and the value we have for yourself is at 30 points.  This is a 70 point gap and this is what we put out to the universe.  Now when we look for a job what comes back is something in the middle. You may have many people look at you for an opportunity of 50 points and their perceived energy from you is this person’s skills and knowledge is well above what they are looking for and they assume that pay should go along with that so they do not look at you. Or the job is a perfect match but then the pay scale is at the low end because that is the energy you are putting out.

To solve this energy issue is to value yourself.  Once we value ourselves that energy that we put out can raise from 30 points to maybe 80 points. That makes only a 20 point difference. When we attract new opportunities and they are in the middle, they can come in as 90 points. Know your knowledge and the perceived values are closer. This creates a better fit for you and the employer.

There are many ways we can shift your value.  You can raise your prices, do not give things away, or say affirmations of value.  As we work on this many of us will also have to change or shift our belief system. Energy work and emotional clearing is an easy relaxing way to help with this shift.

When we love ourselves and value ourselves, then energy gets returned to us 10 fold.