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By reading this waiver you acknowledge that Pete DuMelle from Imagine Holistic Health is not a medical physician and does not practice medicine. You acknowledge that you should always consult your personal physician before starting any new health program and you will keep your medical physician informed of any and all changes you make in your lifestyle. You acknowledge that any Energy Work and Ayurveda Body Work session are meant as stress reduction and relaxation techniques they are intended to treat but  to restore balance to the body, mind, and spirit and are not meant to replace any medical treatment you may currently be receiving. You acknowledge that any Zyto bio surveys or Ayuveda consultations are performed for wellness decision and not meant to diagnose or treat. You acknowledge and release Pete DuMelle and Imagine Holistic Health from any and all liability.  You acknowledge that you have read and voluntarily signed this Waiver and Release Form. You acknowledge that by signing this form "I have read the Liability and Release Waiver. I accept"