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Bodywork and Energy

825 W. State Street
Suite 119c
Geneva, IL 60134
United States



Friday  9:00am  - 7:00pm
Sat 9:00am  - 7:00pm
Sun 9:00am  - 7:00pm
Monday 9:30am  - 3:00pm



Love Multimodality Reading and Healing    (Energy work)

Benefits: Gain insight on your life, clear energy blockages, reduces stress, balances chakra and other energy systems.
Description: This is a reading, coaching and healing session. We intuitively read your chakras and give you information on your blockages and how it is affecting your life. Then we balance them with energy work, light, sounds, crystals, energy medicine and other vibrational tools

Video On What is Energy Reading and Healing and how can it Help



Ayurveda Consultation    (Finding your dosha balance and receive a plan to bring balance to your body- General Health Plan)

Benefits: Creates a health plan and understand why different foods and activities make you feel bad or good.
Description: We assess your doshas by looking at your physical structure, talking to you about  daily life and activities, telling us any ailments you may have, pulse taking and reading your life’s energy imprint.


Nasya (Sinus and Nasal Cleanse)

Benefits: Clears sinuses, good for allergies, colds and congestion, better well-being.
Description: Ayurvedic sinus and nasal treatment designed to open the channels of the upper body to allow more Pranic energy to enter. It includes a wonderful enlivening head rub, herbal facial steam, and a variety of nasal decoctions.


Garshana (Vigorous rubs to move lymphatics) and Localized Bastis (Dough Dam Placed on Body Filled with Warm Oil)

Benefits: Moves lymphatics, releases stuck emotions, grief and heart ache, brings in love and peace, stimulates metabolism.
Description: Garshana uses a cloth glove to exfoliate and renew tired skin, increases circulation and encourages a healthy glow of the skin.
Localized Bastis can be  applied to several key areas of the body. Infused oil is applied in conjunction with energy healing to balance the chakras, organs or nourish specific areas of the body.


Abhyanga (Warm Oil Applications with Light Touch)

Benefits: Calms nervous system, realigns energy systems, softens and rejuvenates skin, better well-being
Description: A full body warm oil application which takes you into a state of deep relaxation, nourishes your skin and promotes cleansing and healing. Our specialized herbal oils are infused with herbs specific to your constitution and help bring your body back into balance.


Shirodhara (Warm Oil Stream over Forehead)

Benefits: Calms nervous system, insomnia, scattered thoughts, mental disorders, better well-being
Description: A steady stream of warm herbal oil is lovingly poured onto the forehead, nourishing the energies of your sixth chakra.


Marma Point Full or Energetic Face Lift 

Benefits: Balances all body systems, removes blockages, joyful for the skin, better well-being
Description: This therapeutic facial combines energy work, mama points on the face and herbal skin cream. This will reduce stress and have your skin glowing. There are 108 points on the body that are activated to open the channels to all of the body systems.


Heaven and Earth

Benefits: Balances body systems, reduces stress, reduces foot and back pain, better well-being
Description: This is a combination working on your Heaven, your face, with a facial marmas and warm oil and Earth, your feet, with Pedi Karma. Pedi Karma is an Ayurveda foot treatment that is a mix of reflexology, marma and using a 7 metal bowl that is rubbed on the feet.


Aryurvedic Raindrop

Benefits: Balances body systems, reduces stress, better well-being
Description: 7 essential oils are applied to feet and spine. Then marma points are activated along on your back side and face.


Negative Ion Foot Detox with Pedi Karma

Benefits: Detoxes the body, softens feet, reduces stress, better well-being
Description: An ionic foot detox machine is a modern energy therapy device which balances the body's natural energy system.
Pedi Karma is an Ayurveda foot treatment. It issues a mix of foot marma point, reflexology and a 7 metal bowl. This helps rejuvenate your body systems and reduces stress.


Swedana (Herbal Steam)

Benefits: Detox, softens skin builds up body .
Description: This full body herbal steam follows any massage therapy. Hot steam which has been infused with special herbs allows the oil to penetrate deeper into the tissues as sweat is released through the skin, removing deep-seated toxins.


Zytos Bio Survey **
Benefits: Find your Biological Preference, understand what  parts of your body is stress , decision support software to  make better health choices to restore balance to your body, better well-being
Description: This combines ancient knowledge with latest  technology to  you will get an energy reading and a  Zytos  scan  that will  us create a health plan just for you.

St Charles Offices is used by appointment only for sessions that are not able to be done at Geneva Office


Karna Purana (Ear Cleans)

Benefits: Removes wax from the ears, activates all body systems.
Description: A treatment to tonify the ears and support proper hearing. Using a specific ear rub and the applications of herbal decoctions into the ear, one can improve the hearing, relieve ear aches and other ear related problems. Then ear candling is done to remove all of the ear buildup


 Pinda (Warm oil application then warm rice bag scrub)

Benefits: Increases metabolism, softens skin, nourishing for body.
Description: Pinda is a nourishing and refreshing rub down treatment to reduce Pitta dosha. This treatment uses herbalized rice bolus bags that are warmed in a specialized milk decoction and vigorously rubbed into the skin. It is an excellent treatment for all inflammatory conditions, it balances the hormones in women and rejuvenates and nourishes inflamed, dry, dull skin tissue. Also good for inflammation of the joints and many pain symptoms.


Udvartna (Warm Oil application then herbal scrub )

Benefits: Moves stuck emotions, softens skin, removes dry dead skin, activates the senses .
Description: Udvartana is a herbal paste rub down that stimulates the lymphatic system to release toxins and supports the removal of excess fatty tissue. This brisk rub is especially helpful when treating many Kapha conditions. Great for allergies, weight gain, congestion. Feel like a new "lighter" person.


Swedana (Herbal Steam)

Benefits: Detox, softens skin builds up body head .
Description: This full body herbal steam follows any massage therapy. Hot steam which has been infused with special herbs allows the oil to penetrate deeper into the tissues as sweat is released through the skin, removing deep-seated toxins.



All sessions are about 1 hour long. Cost per session is $80.

Sessions can be combined to extend your spa like treatment and encourage more balance. Discounts are given.

1 Hour     $80

2 Hours    $150

3 Hours    $210

We track when you have sessions. After you get 4 hours  of sessions the 5th hour is 50% off ($40)

Buy sessions in bulk and use them for you or your family and friends. Buy blocks of sessions and split the time.

2  Hour Block           $150

3  Hour Block           $210

4  Hour Block           $270

5  Hour Block           $330

More than 5 Hour Blocks available call for details…

Note: Shirodhara has a $15 oil charge for the amount of oil used.