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‘NIR™ - The Standard in Light Therapy’

What is NIR™?

NIR™ is a high powered flexible array of near-infrared and visible red Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) designed to stimulate various photo-biological responses within the body.  Unlike far-infrared therapy devices, NIR™ does not utilize heat as its primary treatment.  While heat has its place in the rehab process, its results are often short-lived and applications limited.  Instead, NIR™ uses specific wavelengths of light energy brought to a therapeutic energy level that is pulsed to produce only a minimal heat output, and provide maximum effectiveness.

What does NIR™ do?

NIR™, when properly applied, triggers a number of responses within the body.  The most notable and important is causing the release of a powerful vasodilator found naturally in the body called Nitric Oxide (NO).  Vasodilatation occurs when cellular structures are given the opportunity to relax.  When the structures relax, they become no longer constricted which allows for an easier transference of fluids and proteins in and out of the affected area.  More simply put, the cells are able to get rid of un-needed material and fluid, and bring in a fresh supply of nutrients and oxygen.  The result is a reduction of edema or swelling (which relieves pressure from the nerves), and an expedited recovery of damaged or unhealthy cellular structures and tissue (which is the body’s way of repairing itself).  NO also has a sedative effect directly on the nerves allowing to further reduction of pain and discomfort.

What can NIR™ be used for?

While recognized by the FDA for its ability to increase localized circulation and reduce pain, clinical application and testing have demonstrated near infrared therapy to be an effective tool in the recovery process of chronic wounds such as diabetic and venous statis ulcers, pressure ulcers, and bed sore in addition to aiding in post surgical recovery by accelerating incision/wound resolution, reducing scarring, and preventing/fighting bacterial and viral infection.  Further application has shown to alleviate many of the symptoms caused by neuropathies.  Many patients experience reduced numbness, increased sensation, better color pigmentation, and increased balance.  Other general effective applications are sore and pulled muscles and tendons, bruising, arthritic relief and increased range of motion.

Are there any side effects from NIR™ treatment?

There are no known negative side effects to NIR™ treatment.  Treatment is not recommended over the womb of a pregnant woman or over any active cancer cites as the effects of infrared treatment have not been sufficiently tested for these conditions, although no negative effects have ever been reported.  NIR™ is safe to use anywhere on the body (excluding those previously mentioned) including over pacemakers, difibulators, pins, screws, and other implants.  The light emissions will also not harm any part of the eye.  If fact, research is currently being conducted to further explore the benefits of infrared light therapy and a variety of optical conditions.